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Elevate your brand with Digital Certificates

Connect Vaultik to your Shopify store and generate Digital Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership in minutes. Secure your products, enhance customer trust, and increase sales.


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Cannot be lost and protects customers in second-hand sales.


Saving up to 90% compared to physical certificates.


Unlocks unprecedented post-sale benefits.

Why thousands of businesses globally are using Digital Certificates?

          Thousands of businesses globally use Digital Certificates to connect and communicate with customers through their products, stored in digital vaults. These certificates boost revenue by about 10% due to higher retention and cost savings. By 2026, brands will need to provide transparency tools like Digital Certificates.

What is a Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership?

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3D Certificate Configurator

Create your Digital Certificate

Your Digital Certificate. Your way.

Click on "       " to upload your logo
Click on "+" to change color and texture
Click on Flip to see the back

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eCertificates Revolution

Unleash the power of blockchain based
Digital Certificates through our partners ecosystem

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        Authentication, Insurance and Warranty

          Provenance and traceability

         Loyalty, Perks and Rewards

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3D, AR and Gaming 


      Shopify and CRM Connection

The most advanced solution for Digital Certificates.


Connect Shopify and start generating Digital Certificates

in store and online through every product sold.



Available on 

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Do you already have Digital Product Passports? 

Discover how to link your existing DPPs to our Digital Certificates to unlock additional value for your customers. 


The Digital Certificate for Made in Italy

E-taly's mission is to protect and promote authentic Made in Italy products using blockchain technology. By providing digital certificates, they ensure supply chain transparency, combat counterfeiting, and help businesses comply with European sustainability regulations, addressing the annual 12.4 billion euro loss from fake products. E-taly safeguards Italy's cultural heritage for future generations.


Our Prestigious Clients

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Pricing. It can't be easier.

All features included


per certificate


or $1,700 one time

Only in June 24

1 Month Free Trial  

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The Digital Luxury Blog: Transforming the Future of Authenticity and Value

Read and share your ideas with us.


  • What is the new EU legislative framework for sustainability?
    A EU legislative framework requiring the authentication, traceability, and environmental accountability of products. This concept anticipates future regulatory trends focusing on sustainability, product authenticity, and circular economy principles. Vaultik positions itself at the forefront of meeting these anticipated requirements by providing digital solutions that ensure products can be authenticated, their lifecycle can be traced, and their environmental impact minimized by aligning with the direction of future regulations.
  • What is Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products?
    A Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products is an encrypted digital record that verifies the authenticity and ownership of a tangible item. It is often stored on a blockchain, ensuring it is tamper-proof and easily verifiable. This certificate includes details about the product, its origin, and the rightful owner, providing a secure way to prove ownership and authenticity. It enhances trust, reduces fraud, and often includes additional services like insurance and exclusive benefits associated with the product.
  • How do I access my Digital Vault?
    You can access your Digital Vault by downloading and registering on the Vaultik app, available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • How can I integrate this with my e-commerce website and in store?
    Integrating Vaultik with your e-commerce website and in-store systems is straightforward and flexible. Here’s how: Shopify Integration: Vaultik integrates seamlessly through its Shopify App, allowing easy implementation on Shopify stores. API and SDKs: Utilize our API and SDKs designed to be compatible with a wide range of platforms, ensuring smooth integration. E-commerce Integration: Embed Vaultik into product pages to display digital certificates and product passports, enhancing buyer confidence. In-store Integration: Link Vaultik to your POS systems to authenticate products at the time of sale and issue digital certificates of ownership. Support: Our technical support team provides comprehensive guidance and support throughout the integration process, ensuring a smooth transition and operation. For more details and support, please reach out to us.
  • What is a Digital Product Passport?
    A comprehensive digital profile that contains all relevant information about a product, including its materials, origin, manufacturing processes, and lifecycle data. Vaultik leverages this concept to enhance transparency, facilitate recycling, and ensure compliance with regulations. By providing a digital identity for each product, stakeholders can easily access its history, specifications, and environmental impact, promoting a more sustainable and responsible consumption.
  • How is protection provided?
    Protection through Vaultik is facilitated by the digital certificates of authenticity and ownership. These certificates provide consumers with verifiable, detailed information about an asset's provenance, condition, and history. This transparency reduces the risk of fraud, making it easier to assess value and risk accurately. Consequently, Vaultik can provide coverage against theft, damage, or loss with confidence in the asset's verified history
  • What is a Digital Vault for physical products?
    A Digital Vault for physical products is a secure online platform that stores digital records and certificates related to physical items. This includes proof of ownership, authenticity, and detailed product information. It enhances the security of high-value items by linking them to blockchain-based e-certificates, offering protection against theft and fraud. Additionally, it can provide access to insurance and exclusive services, fostering a closer relationship between brands and consumers while ensuring the integrity and provenance of luxury goods.
  • How are products authenticated?
    Products are authenticated through Vaultik's proprietary technology. Each product is assigned a unique digital e-certificate that mirrors its physical characteristics and history. This is stored on a secure, decentralized blockchain, ensuring that the product's details are immutable and verifiable. Authentication involves scanning or inputting a product's unique identifier, which Vaultik's system verifies against the blockchain-stored data to confirm its authenticity and ownership.
  • What types of perks and benefits do my clients receive with Digital Certificates?
    Digital Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership for physical products can offer various perks and benefits, including: Proof of Authenticity and Ownership: Ensures the item is genuine and owned by you. Insurance: Simplifies the process of insuring the item against theft, loss, or damage. Exclusive Access: Provides access to special events, offers, and experiences related to the product or brand. Community Membership: Connects you with a network of other luxury product owners. Enhanced Resale Value: Easier to verify and transfer ownership, potentially increasing resale value.

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